Monday, 17 January 2011

My Texture Pack

I've decided to share my Minecraft texture pack/mods. It requires a half decent computer to pull off, so hold down F3 in Minecraft and if your not getting 60+FPS then this isn't for you.


 - New tree (beta-snowy) leaves now work.
 - Snow matches sides without snow on much better.
 - Snow "tiles" much better.
 - Little fixes around the edges of some blocks.

This pack contains:

- The pack is mostly the BroPaint texture pack made by Rofrere. It also contains the HD texture fix by xau, and the awesome MrMMods (BetterLight/BetterGrass) by MrMessiah. Full credits are included in the pack.

 - Full set of lovely new textures, or the option to keep most of the defaults so only the scenery (and a few other things) look nice, whilst the blocks you craft keep the original "feel" of Minecraft

 - New Sun and Moon from the BroPaint pack, these look great when rising/setting.
 - New hearts/health meter from the BroPaint pack.
 - Scarier spiders, zombies and ghasts. Also less clean looking sheep.
 - New water, unfortunately it's not animated when still, but I think it still looks good.
 - Lovely sand and sandstone from Dante80s ALBION 64x Texture pack.

Does all that sound good? Well it looks even better! Get the pack here.

Screenshots (will update with more soon, also pigs don't look this crazy anymore. Click for full screen. Actually click. Especially if you have a 1920x1080 monitor so you can view full size.)

Installation Instructions:

 - Extract the archive into C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft This may be slightly different depending on your operating system. "AppData" is a hidden file, so you will have to enable seeing them if you haven't already.

 - Run mcpatcher (the HD texture fix).
 - Set the Original file to \bin\minecraft-1.2_02.jar(correct at time of writing) & Output file to \bin\minecraft.jar
 - Set the Texture pack to a .zip file & check the Tile Size has changed to 128x128
 - Press Patch and after completion, close the Minecraft Patcher.
 - Run MrMPatcher.
 - Set Original and Output files like in the other patcher.
 - Highlight the Better Light and Better Grass boxes and press Patch.
 - After completion, close the patcher and play Minecraft!

 - To switch to the other texture pack included, do exactly the same again but select the other texture pack, it's really that simple!

 - To uninstall everything, delete your C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin folder, then start up Minecraft and it will re-download it for you. You will not lose your save files. As you can see these are very safe mods to install.

I would like to update the pack with a few more things sometime, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


  1. wow I just love your texture pack, it took me forever to get it working though. you should make a page for it on the forums, seriously its an awesome pack but it's pretty hard to find cuz its only on this one blog

  2. I consider this THE best and the only HD texture pac to use. Me and all my friends use it and love it.

    Why in the world is it stuck here? This is a fantastic pack that i'm sure took a lot of work, and I think it needs to be shared. Really, great work man.

  3. Amazing texture pack, quite complicated to set up but after its done its fantastic, you must have spent allot of time making it, very good job, ill recommended it to my freinds :)

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