Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Minecraft Diary - Episode 2 - Hostage sheep

Night 1

I run back to the beach as quick as my little squarish legs will carry me, to a nice flat spot I want to build my shelter. I haven't got that many materials so I'm forced to build quite a small, building, made up of an assortment of blocks. I'm determined to get it to look better that a square box.
Pretty moon
For some reason I don't take a picture of the completed shelter *shrugs*. Just after finishing it off, I hear a startling growl, up to this point I hadn't seen any monsters in this world, I had absolutely no idea where it was coming from. I got out of my shelter to have a quick look and..
What scares me most about this is the chicken and sheep.
Well this is.. actually not that bad, the zombie isn't running at me or anything, he looks angry though, I would be too if I'd made that much of a mess of my top. The zombie starts to chase me and I run around the shelter a bit before going inside. "I wonder where that chicken has gone" I think to myself, looking through the back window. I turn around and AHH!
Another zombie!
Obviously the chicken has called for backup! I knew I should have killed it. That sheep is still scaring me, it looks kind of sad, maybe the zombies are holding it hostage. I decide to open my door, cautiously poking the zombies with my crappy sword. I saved the sheep yay! It's starting to get light now, that was a pretty uneventful night to be honest, barely any monsters.

Day 2

Sheep and his friends go for a swim.
The sheep and his cow friends go for a swim when I get out of my house. They all look pretty grumpy. Now I needed something to do, some sort of objective. I decide upon getting lots of sandstone, because I want to build a sandstone castle. That sounds cool, and what could possibly be more fun that collecting heaps of sand?..
Collecting sand
I start out quite positive with this, but it gets really quite boring after a while.. I keep going anyway. Bored of collecting sand, I start to take down my shelter, I don't think it's really necessary due to the apparent lack of danger around here.

Night 2

I dig some more, through the night, then all of a sudden I turn round and there are a couple of zombies chasing me again, and they've already killed the sheep.
More zombies!
Whilst running, I notice I've uncovered some iron, yay! I have no idea what I'm going to use it on, but I'm sure it will be helpful. After running around a bit and killing the zombies, I get back to sand collecting.
WTF?! I didn't see that coming, how on earth did I only lose half a heart? Ah well, free sand. Time to dig some more.
As the sun starts to rise, I look back on what I've done during the night. I'm still surprised by the lack of monsters, but obviously I don't mind it. Four stacks (64) of sandstone, that should be enough. Now I just need somewhere to build my sand castle.. Time to go exploring!

Episode 3 coming soon, there will be a lot more pretty pictures in it I promise.

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  1. I like the design of your day one shelter. Even having played this game for several weeks, my first shelters still end up either being holes in the ground or holes in the wall.