Server is down indefinitely :( Well maybe one day.. we'll see!

The server IP address is:
- This is for both minecraft and mumble.

  • The server is being hosted by the wonderful: AllGamer. They are slightly more expensive than other companies, but offer good quality servers and great support, especially for Minecraft.
  • The server has 1.5GB of RAM, 3 vCPU cores, and a great internet connection.
  • There are 10 slots on the server and about 8 regular players.
  • Everyone plays in pure Survival mode - no spawning, flying etc.
  • There is a map-change every large Minecraft update or 2.
  • No griefing, stealing, or stupid (1x1 towers) buildings are allowed.
  • If your interested in joining, and you have a mic, send an email to
  • If you tried to apply before 14/9/11 and didn't recieve a reply, try again!