Sunday, 27 November 2011

Showcase - My little Minecraft 1.0 House

Most people on my server probably recognise this house, as it's er.. my house. It's a bit too small for my liking, but now it has a huge maze of basements and secret rooms it's sufficient.

There are obvious similarities between this and my old snow house, but this one was so much easier to build. Click on the images for bigger versions.

Monday, 21 November 2011

New map up and running.

The new map is up and running. Those that can't connect please email me ( or leave a comment. Big thanks to Iced_apple for helping me with the road :)

Alright, for some reason the spawn point is in the sea. Follow the lampposts to the road, but PLEASE try not to get it blown up. If you can't find the lights, go to x:-64 z:247.

Here's a couple of extra rules and info to do with the big long stone thing:
  • Don't build lampposts/burning netherrack things/torch shrines all along the road. Sure, have a couple next to your house, but the road doesn't need them.
  • Don't build underneath the road. I'll eventually organise (hopefully with some help) some sort of transport tunnel right under it, which will also light up the road a bit through the glass holes.
  • Don't extend the road without permission (I'll probably give it to you, but you have to ask.)
  • You CAN make your own path leading from the road to your house, wherever it may be. Just don't make your personal road as big as the main one.
  • Try to fix anything you get exploded!
Useful information about how awesome I am, and how awesome you are not (yet):
I know you think your good at Minecraft, but the server is running on hard mode. Do you know what that means? It means if you see a creeper, run for you life. It also means you'll starve TO DEATH if you get too hungry. Here are some tips for not dying every two seconds:
  • Wear amour. Without this, creepers WILL kill you in ONE hit.
  • Don't go out at night unless your ready for a fight.
  • Carry a spare sword in case yours breaks. If you don't want to do this, carry an axe instead, they are pretty good at killing stuff too.
  • Hold right mouse button to BLOCK with the sword if you see an arrow coming towards you.
  • Don't jump off high places, even if it doesn't kill you, the zombie behind the closest tree will.
  • Make a FISHING ROD and a BOW.
  • Carry a bucket of water when you're near lava.
  • Eat LOADS of food.
  • Try to breed animals.
  • Buy potions, enchanted swords/armour, and arrows when people have them for sale.
  • Work as a team. PvP is off, it's us against the monsters.
Hopefully these tips will keep you alive for a bit longer. Good luck!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Yay Minecraft 1.0!

Minecraft 1.0 is here, and I want to start a new map! The "old" MASSIVE map, is available to download here. The server will be offline until further notice. Hopefully I'll have something organised tonight but the latest it will be back up is tomorrow.

On the new map, I'm planning to have a very long road. This road will connect as many peoples houses or "bases" as possible, and have a tunnel underneath for safe travel. This might not sound amazing, but I think it will really help bring people together a bit more. If you'd like to extend the road yourself, feel free. Of course you don't have to stay near the road, you could just run off (again) and make whatever you like far away. On that note, I'd like to point out some rules of the new map, which either didn't exist on the prievious one, or that nobody listened to *grumpy face*.
  • No griefing. This includes stealing, burning, you know, nasty stuff.
  • No flying structures. This includes being supported by 1x1 towers in a corner. If you want to make something tall, give it some big supporting legs so it doesn't look retarded.
  • If you REALLY want to make a flying structure, like a UFO or balloon, prove to me your amazing at building first, AND build it miles away.
  • No building near the spawn point (at least 50 blocks) ARGH NETHERACK NO.
  • No cheating. If want lots of diamonds or whatever easily, don't use a see through texture pack, just go and play creative mode.
  • Put signs everywhere so we know what belongs to who. 
  • Don't build next to someones house without asking them first. If they're not online use the chat page of this blog and/or leave some signs up on their house.
  • You can claim spaces by puttings a fence or cobble wall around them, but you can't claim whole ravines or caves. That being said, be considerate, don't mine directly under someones house or in their mines.
One more rule, if your going to make a structure out of ONLY cobble, it better be the most beautiful, eye-meltingly good structure ever. Here's a couple I made:

Read this too.
The "official" currency on the server will be GOLD COINS (nuggets) just like FREAKING MARIO. 9 "coins" makes an ingot, and 9 ingots makes a block. Yes you can change between the 3 with a crafting table. You don't have to use this system, you can trade in sheep if you like, but I'd like to encourage everyone who wants to sell stuff regularly to put their prices in this shiny system. Here's a picture I tried to take of what the currency looks like in my texture pack. Everything kept rolling off the tabe because I have no hand eye coordination and gold is slippery.

Well done for reading this far, now for the important whitelist-related bit.
The server whitelist has gotten rather full, there's about 40 people on it. To make things simple, I'm going to REMOVE EVERYONE FROM IT DUN DUN DUUUUN. However, if you leave a comment here (or contact me by magic banana or other means), stating your in game-name, I'll check it against the current whitelist, and add you again. Simple.

If you leave a comment saying: "WTF I was removed from the whitelist, what is going on!!!1!", then you won't be added. No offence, but you should read more.

EDIT: A few people will be left on the whitelist actually, so don't comment here until you've tried to connect AFTER I've made the next blog post which will be shouting about how the server is up again.