Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Minecraft Diary - Episode 3 - Animal Encounters

Day 3

Determined to go far, far away, I set off. First off in my journey, I see a creeper. "Hello Mr Creeper" I say kindly. He seems saddened by something.. he seems quite up for the idea of me chopping him into little pieces, so I comply.
Jumpy jumpy creepy creepy
After dealing with the creeper, I get over the hill, over some water onto another little hill. I then look back into the water and see some squids! Yay! I then continue to deal with the squids.
More Squids
I find myself in a "swamp" biome, were all the land is sea height, quite nice to walk on but not very exciting. Ohh piggies, they look tasty.
Swamp pigs and zebra tree
After dealing with those pigs, I found some cows. (Actually like 10 of them)
I bet you can't guess what I did with those cows.. I'll give you a clue, I'm now wearing them!
Wearing the cows
That picture also shows all the things I've got in my inventory, I'm really going to need to set up a base with a chest to put everything in soon. Time to continue my journey and go as far as possi... argh night time again, already. And whats that noise? AHH the chicken's back! I decide it's probably best to hide somewhere tonight, as I don't know how many hundreds of monsters there will be. I run to the closest heap of dirt and set up a little shelter in it.

Night 3

Cooking time

Day 4

With my little cave full of the delightful smell of cooked bacon - note that I eat bacon, not porkchop because I am a man - and a scented whiff of smelted iron, I head off into the day with my shiny new killing stick, confident that today I'm going to find a cool place to build by castle. I come across a cliff face which looks very tall, "maybe I'll get a good view from up there" I think to myself. I start to go through an archway and see a... what is that? Is it stone?
Surprise skeleton!
Strangely, it doesn't shoot me, maybe it actually thinks it's some stone? Anyway, on I go exploring in this wonderful new pla..

Going to continue the story next episode, hopefully I'm not going to manage being so stupid again.

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  1. I absolutely love this! Keep writing, I can't wait for the next entry xD