Thursday, 20 January 2011

Minecraft Diary - Episode 4 - Skeletons!

I decide that I should go WEST in my journey, not only because that way I'm more likely to go in a straight line, but also because walking towards the sunset sound cool. After climbing over an all-too-familiar hill or two, I get to a big forest. I'm glad those flint and steel maniacs from my server aren't here.
As far the the eye can see (as far as will render)
Yay! Found some mushrooms. I feel like I've got enough food to last me for my whole journey now, as long as nothing jumps on my head (or more likely , me jump on it's head by accident). After walking for a few minutes in the forest, I come across a clearing with cliff face and water oblong waterfall.
Little waterfall
I don't plan on stopping until I notice a little cave next to the waterfall which I just can't resist exploring.
Fullscreen this and it'll make more sense
Inside I see a couple of rather interesting things, a zombie, and.. cobblestone. You guys should know what this means :D After realizing I've only got 1 torch left, killing the zombie, finding the end of the tunnel, and getting some coal, I'm ready to open up the dungeon. It seems strange how quiet it is, I have no idea what could be in there, maybe it's just lava that's touched some water (I doubt that actually). I carefully mine out of one the cobble blocks and..
Stones Skeletons!
*TWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANG* The skeletons go berserk all shooting at each other rather than me.  I run around madly anyway hoping that If they do shoot they won't hit me. I haven't jumped like that whilst playing Minecraft for a while. I can see at least 3 skeletons die, and the one closest to me turns around and start shooting. I run around some more than go up to him and give him a little poke and he dies. Like either someone who is quite brave (or more likely, quite stupid, you'll find out why in a second). I knock out another block and go into the dungeon.
Free bones
I hop over all of the "free" arrows and bones, picking them up and filling my inventory completely. When in a dungeon like this, it's best not to destroy the spawner, but surround it with torches so you can make a trap out of it. OH. I'm going to have to make some more torches before.. too late. One last skeleton spawns but I manage to drop what I'm going and hit him in the face several times before he can put too many arrows inside of me. I then stab I and construct a bunch of new torches in record time and run around the spawner placing them on the ground like I'm doing some sort of weird ritual.
I drop some stuff down that I don't need then have a look at what's in the chest. Ohh lots of iron, that will come in handy. Actually, I might as well take the chest too.
I don't know why I was hitting that thing with bacon, it made it taste pretty odd. (The bacon not the chest, I'm not some sort of weird chest-eating-machine. A little nibble might be nice sometimes but anyway...) On my way out I notice something above the entrance, maybe they had been shooting at me after all!
Having thought I've spent enough time in here, I walk to the cave entrance and notice it's getting dark, I guess I'll stay here tonight then. I board up the entrance with planks and a door, and also put a door on the dungeon, just in case some skeletons come to rape me in my sleep.
Night already, again.

I hope some people are finding this entertaining =] There still aren't enough pretty scenery or building pictures for me personally, but I'll probably take some soon.


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