Monday, 10 October 2011

The Server

The current "temporary" map, is now our new permanent map! This changed after hearing that Minecraft 1.9 might not be released for a long time :(

The spawn protection area on this new map is huge, this is to discourage people from dying, and to stop people building near spawn (which I did actually ask everyone not do to before..)

The old map got corrupted.
I don't know how, why, if it's Mojangs or Herobrines fault, but it just won't work. If requested I will spend some time making the previous map available for download. I have also upped the number of backups kept for future maps to several days worth rather than just the last couple, in an attempt to stop things like this happening.

I have started a new map, which after some discussion, we have decided will be pure survival, just like the last one, with the same "don't steal", "don't build anything ugly", and "don't cheat" rules (which not enough people were following, but I've been polishing my ban-hammer so watch out).

This new map will be replaced when Minecraft 1.9 comes out, which should be released sometime near the 18th. This is not an excuse to cheat or do anything stupid, but it could be a reason to not play on the server for a while if your a bit grumpy. Hopefully after 1.9 the map will not have to be changed for.. a long long time.

To prove that 1.9 is going to be worth updating the map for, here's a -slightly unrelated- dragon that Notch is making:

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  1. Oh ok, and I'm guessing you will be keeping a eye out for the flying crew then :D