Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sneaky Map Change

The new blogger layout is.. very different. 'Tis one of the reasons nothing has been going on here.. that and Cobalt wooo.. and college.

Anyway, I started a new map on the server uhh day before yesterday. It's "half-temporary", because I'll start a new one a short while after Minecraft 1.2 is released (In a few weeks I assume). Just because it's temporary, doesn't mean you shouldn't be nice still.. no stealing, messing up scenery etc etc etc.

EDIT: As the latest Minecraft snapshot is so buggy, I am doubtful that Minecraft 1.2 will be out any time soon. It's a very substantial update, so I suspect it will also take a while before optifine and bukkit are updated for it. Because of those things, the server will not be updated to Minecraft 1.2 as soon as it is released and current map is actually quite permanent.

Me Tatty and Anina made a house and it's awesome:

Iced apple.. Sorry about your house, Tatty burned it down because she wants to do some "filming" around our house, showing off the scenery. I see you've re-built it, you should have asked before making it so close to our in the first place (you might have asked Anina though *shrug*), but everythings fine. Try to make it super-good looking and I'll try to steal Tatty's flint & steel lol.


  1. Wow nice man i'm going to join your sever.

    1. yeah me too by the way I saw this minecraft blog were you post your own pics from the server that the blog is based on.

      ps you need to give us your e-mail adress so we can send you the pics if you want to do this. =)

  2. Hey Burnt what was the texture pack you used? Looks pretty cool (and is the server update to 1.2.3 yet? :D

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